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DrawLive has developed and maintains under active development a range of complementary location based products, designed for deployment over the Internet. DrawLive has taken advantage of the exciting opportunities presented by existing Internet multimedia standards (primarily Macromedia’s Flash technology) to develop, for the first time, products that really are different to their paper cousins.
If you have a requirement that our products do not appear to fit, please contact us. We can tailor our solutions to your needs.

From the team that created the world's first map server generating maps in Macromedia Flash format, liveMap provides maps with unprecedented scope for user interaction. They are beautiful, customisable and interactive. With liveMap it is easy to incorporate any location based information with the maps, whether it be a store location, route finding markers, franchise boundaries or demographic data.

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Drawlive has developed a superfast, efficient and highly flexible journey planning solution. Transparent integration of road traffic and maintenance information and peerless routing instructions put liveJourney ahead of the rest. This is a full and seamless UK and European routing solution*.

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liveData is a suite of software solutions that can be applied to a range of business needs. Using true journey distance, estimated journey time or as the crow flies straight line distances as its measure, liveData can provide solutions in the following scenarios:

> Mileage calculator. liveData provides a way to calculate true journey distances, and hence accurate mileage costs. Haulage companies, car hire and taxi firms now have a quick, easy and reliable solution.

> Catchment areas. Calculate true catchment areas, maximise your coverage and minimise your costs. This is an ideal solution for businesses providing delivery services, and is equally as useful to the customer as to the business.


Sample maps. Top Wapping, London, Bottom Norwich. live
Map web product.
:Mobile or Desktop?

DrawLive can tailor many of its solutions for deployment in the mobile arena. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
* US Coverage is planned

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