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Online Mapping, Routing and Mileage Calculation Solutions.

Drawlive is an independent consultancy specialising in web application solutions, location based services and bespoke software development solutions.

Mapping, Routing and Mileage Calculation

Drawlive has developed and maintains under active development a range of complementary location based products, suitable for deployment over desktop and mobile networks.

We can offer mapping and vehicle route finding, as well as other location based services as stand alone offerings or for integration into sophisticated network based applications.

Vector Mapping in Macromedia Flash Format

Drawlive has a dynamic server-based solution for generating vector graphics formats. This platform forms the basis for our mapping solution, which serves maps in Macromedia Flash format. Our mapping platform is just as capable at serving other vector based media, such as graphs, dynamically.

Bespoke Solutions and Software Development

As well as offering a number of ready to run web applications, we can licence software for integration into 3rd party products, provide software development consultancy and data-processing services.



Offering unprecedented levels of interactivity and customisability, liveMap offers a totally new mapping experience.

Drag to pan and live map zoom allow your customers to view the map that they want, the way they want it. WYSIWYG printing lets them print out exactly what they see on screen. Interactive map icons allow you to provide more information within the map. That's your information.

Visit our award winning walking route planner:

walkit.com - The Walking Route Planner.

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